Passive A: Woman of God - Passively cleanses the user's sins, healing them for 100 hp every second. Passive B: God's Power - As a strong believer in faith and the church, Mary does not believe in the stopping of time, granting the user the ability to infinitely move in it. Passive C: Levitation - Mary can press space twice in quick succession to start flying with the power of her faith, this lasts infinitely and makes the user travel at light speed.


E - Cleansing of sins: For each point of damage Mary has taken, this barrage deals that much damage multiplied by two back to the target. The user can select which target this goes to by pressing E on them, if the user doesn't press E on anybody, it will punch in front of the user. 25 punches every half of a second for an infinite amount of time.

R - Sinner cleanse: Use right after E ends on the target while your mouse if over them to freeze them in place for 15 seconds, preventing them from resetting, and healing them to full as well as preventing them from attacking anybody else in the server for 1 hour.

T - Bible yeet: Throws a bible at the target at light speed, dealing the amount of damage they dealt to you multiplied by five back to them if it hits them. Also restores all the user's faith and heals them to full.

Y - Holy power: Launches a catastrophic beam of light which deals damage to everyone who has attacked another player in the server for fifty times the damage they dealt to anybody. Also prevents them from attacking anybody for 30 minutes, and freezes them for a minute if they attempt to.

F - Sinner's repentance: Freezes everybody in the server who has attacked another player besides the user for five minutes, giving them time to contemplate upon their sins.

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