In order to get Mario Platinum, you must use Mario Hat on The World: Alternate Universe which you get from using Corpse Part on Scary Monsters which you get from using Holy Corpse Left Eye on Standless


E: Barrage

Damage: 8.94 per Punch

Duration: 8 seconds

Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 3.27.30 PM.png

Cooldown: Around 5 Seconds

R: Heavy Punch

Damage: 120

T: Knife Throw

Damage: around 250 hp (if all knifes hit)

(Get good aim lol)

Y: No Guns

Damage: 50 DMG Shoots You with a 55mm Caliber Reload Time: 3-4 Seconds (Sometimes hits twice dealing 100 damage)

Mario shooting 9mm bullets, in the conservatory at 3 am. Disregarding the fact that he just woke up the entire neighborhood

F: God

Heals person in front of you

Damage: 10 Obviously

Reload Time: Around 40 Seconds

G: Time Remove


Reload Time: 1 Minute

Freezes Time

V: Electro ball!

Tick Damage

Reload Time: Around 26-30 Seconds

Description: Pikachu electro ball but blue


The emote is the same animation with The World.

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