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In order to get Mario Platinum, you must use Mario Hat on The World Alternate Universe which you get from using Corpse Part on Scary Monsters which you get from using Holy Corpse Left Eye on Standless


E: Barrage

Damage: 8.94 each punch

Duration: Around 5 seconds

Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 3.27.30 PM.png

Cooldown: Short

R: Slap combo

Damage: Deals 29.25 and 36.75

T: Knife

Damage: around 297

(Get good aim lol if your ad like the person who wrote this before me)

Y: Gun

Damage: Deals 50 damage, can deal more 50 damage x 2+

Mario shooting 45.ACP bullets, in the conservatory at 6 AM. Disregarding the fact that he just killed the entire neighborhood

F: Mario Heal

Heals you to max hp

Heal: Heals you for 250+ hp

Reload Time: Around 30+ seconds

G: Stop Time

Damage: 0

Cd: Around a minute

Stops time for a few seconds. When time is stopped Mario will say "Mama Mia".

V: Electro Ball

Cd: Around 15 seconds.

Shoots an electric blast dealing 300+ damage.


The emote is the same animation with hitler stand