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made in china

Made in china is an evolved form of Made in heaven,you can get it by using bootleg diary on MIH


E: Marching Barrage

does a speedy barrage,deals 8.415 dmg per hit

R:Great Strike

does a great punch that deals 50-60 dmg.

T:Stick Chop

does a chop that deals amazing 86 dmg.

Y: Free Health Care Punch

MIC turns to his user and does a healing punch that deals 10-80 healing.

H:Warzone Alert Time Acceleration

MIC Alerts the whole server (basically speeds up everyone including you) +stops western science (disables timestop when enabled)

F:Tourist Time Acceleration

accelerates time only for you and MIC -cant stop western science (cant disable time stop)

H+F:Universe Warzone Reset

MIC Accelerates time then resets the universe with a reddish blur,resetting everyones stands for an entire minute.

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