A Modded Adventure Wiki
  1. Made in Heaven

    Get Whitesnake from Arrow
  2. Use DIO's Diary on Whitesnake in order to get C-Moon.
  3. Use DIO's Diary on C-Moon in order to get Made In Heaven.

4. Use DIO's Diary on Made In Heaven to obtain Made In China. (Optional)

  1. E - Right arm chop: Its a chop doing good damage
  2. R - Left arm chop: same as E but left arm
  3. T - Knife Throw: Throw 5 heavenly knifes doing very good damage.
  4. F - Throat slit: Charge up for about a second then lunge forward at high speeds, cutting the throats of all those hit doing very high damage
  5. H - Time Acceleration: Accelerate time causing MiH and the user to travel at high speeds for a good amount of time. Timestops are canceled during this due to the timestops being sped up by the move..
  6. J (Right after H ends) - Universe Reset: MiH and the user continue to speed up time, to a point where the universe is reset and "new" people are created. This causes everyone in the server's stands to be swapped with a basic arrow stand for 1 minute and whoever reset the universe will stay with their MiH and stay sped up as well. (Other people with MiH, MiC, and MiHE will also not be reset, but they wont have the speed boost.)
  7. Z (Hold)- Accelerated Flight: MiH and the user fly around at high speed for a few seconds, allowing for quick getaways as well is it being pretty fun to use in general. The speed boost here can stack with Time Accelerate.