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MoHE [Made on Hallows Eve] is a halloween event stand that comes once every October, and goes unobtainable when the event is over.

This is said to be the rarest stand in the game by some devs and admins, saying that this only has 3 owners. {Me, proudly being one of em.}

{ This is a picture of the stand. }

Health: 256

E - Sword - 45 DMG

R - Sword {Again} - 45 DMG

T - Throw Pumpkins - 120 DMG {If you get a perfect shot}

X - Shield - Protects you from dying

H - Speed Boost - Alot of speed.

H + J {Spam} - Universal Reset - Changes stands unless you are using a Made in series.

V - Teleport - You just teleport.

Z - Fly - You just fly. {Not long.}

N - Quote - It's a very edgy laugh.


F - Slice - You skid across the ground ready to slice your opponent.

You have a small chance to get it when you obtain Made in Heaven.

It's appearance is a pumpkin head minotaur, similar to Made in Heaven and Made in China. It also has a red cape and black armor, the horse is black too along with it's BEAUTIFUL neon blue eyes.

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