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Obtainable through evolving C-moon into made in heaven on any day, this is only for a week tho, so get ur white snake and get ur trowel, cause u can get this at a 1% chance (perhaps the devs lied in the description, cause I got it first try .-.), also, this page was edited by ooftrick2, fandomuser, any other online names I have. Edited on January Sixth, so if ur reading on the thirteenth, try to beat me to the edit, thanks! -ooftrick2

This stand is also tradelocked. The only current way to trade it is through the market sell stand.

It's moves are like Made in Heaven / Made in China, but the barrage is removed from the stand and it can't Universe Reset.

  • (Normal punch) Left Click Deals 10 dmg to a player
  • (Strong punch 1) E key deals a amazing amount of damage about 45 dmg for each time you use it.
  • (Strong punch 2) Same for Strong punch 1.
  • (Stick chop (knife throw?)) T key which the player throws a knife or is a chop (broken), dealing about no damage at all (unconfirmed)
  • (Flying punch) F key Which sends the player flying while dealing damage in front of the player, dealing a crazy amount of damage dealing 75 dmg
  • (Reality Speed Boost) H key The stand gets a significant boost it last for about 10 secs. This also heals your health if you lost any.
  • (Flying) z Key which sends you flying if you hold the key. It goes down after for about 20 - 30 secs.
  • (teleport) V key which teleports you in front the direction you facing (not cursor direction)
  • (Counter) B key, after pressing B, you pose and say things (dunno what) and when attacked, pull off THE COOLEST MOVE EVER!
  • (Stand Quote) N key which make ya say " By the name of god, I shall smite you! " and, " This, is made in heaven. "
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