A Modded Adventure Wiki

A player with MIH.

Made With (C-Moon+Dio Diary).

Can evolved to sonic with (MIH+Sonic Shoes).

Get C-Moon with (Whitesnake+Dio Diary).

Player posing with Made In Heaven.

Get Made in china with (MIH+Bootleg's Diary).


E:Moderate Slash dealing great 45 dmg,Cooldown 8-10 seconds.

R:Moderate slash dealing great 45 dmg,with a cooldown of 7.6 seconds.

T:Throws three knives dealing amazing 20 dmg,with a cooldown of 4-5 seconds.

F:MIH Dashes to front if hit it will deal godly 75 dmg,Cooldown 18-20 seconds.

H:Accelerate's Time,60 second cooldown after it ending.

V:Does a quick tp,has a 4 second cooldown.

Z:Floats the player and the MIH with incredible speed,has a 4.5 second cooldown.

H+J (right when Time accelerate ends)Universe reset :makes everything reddish for a while then changes everyone's stands (except you) for a minute. Poses:

B:prime number counting: being hit while posing activates a counter which makes you do a barrage of slashes dealing 12,5 damage each, the total damage is a godly 200

G:Does a basic pose with the menacing symbols appearing from the player.