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KCR using Erasure Shift.

KCR is a stand obtained by using a Black Requiem Arrow on Ender Crimson.

Stand type: Requiem


E - Barrage:

KCR punches rapidly for 5 seconds. Does 10 damage each jab. Has a 3 second cooldown.

R - Strong Punch:

a strong punch that deals good damage

T - Chop:

KCR chops the opponent's torso, doing 80 damage. Has a 4 second

Note: You can’t use this move while in Time Erase.

Y - Kick:

KCR kicks the opponent up in the air doing 70 damage. Great combo starter. Has a 4 second cooldown.

Note: You can't use this move while in Time Erase.

F - Time Erase:

Same thing as Ender Crimson's version, except you can attack during the TE. Is affected by the Return to Zero. Has a 20 second cooldown and 15 seconds duration. Press the F key while in Time Erase to end it quicker.

G - Epitaph/future sight:

Become invincible for 5 seconds. You can click T to end it quicker.

Note : Requiem and Over Heaven stands bypass this

H -"What you just saw and touch was your future self"

KCR and the user pose. If hit while doing it, they will teleport behind the attacker and punch them, doing 100 damage.

Note: Requiem and over heaven stands bypass this

Z - Stand Jump:

Your good ol' trusty Stand Jump. Has a 15 second cooldown.

V - Erasure Shift:

Teleports the user a few studs in front of them. Has a cooldown of 3 seconds.

B - blood saber:

KCR slashes the air with powerful force Sending a projectile that deals 40 damage. Has a 7 second cooldown.

KCR IS fixed