A Modded Adventure Wiki

Use Frog on Doppio KC (King Crimson) to obtain 2 Arm Doppio KC

Use another Frog on outcome to obtain nornal KC (99.9% chance)

Use Ender pearl On KC to obtain Ender Crimson

Use Black Requiem Arrow on outcome to obtain KCR (King Crimson Requiem)

-Moves- (Most of them have short cooldown)

E - Barrage - 10dmg each hit

R - Strong punch - 100dmg

T - Chop - 90dmg

Y - Uppercut - 70dmg

G - Epitaph - You dodge attacks (Gets bypassed by Over Heaven stands)

H - Counter - Press it in time when enemy hits you, so you get teleported behind enemy and punch him. If you miss the timing, you will just stand for 5 seconds unarmed

F - Time erase - You can see and get through anything, however some of your mover are disabled (gets canselled by Gold Exp Requiem)

V - Time skip - You teleport forwards

B - Woosh - You throw a projectile that deals 100 damage if hit

N - Quote

P - Posing

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