"How will you move, when knowing that I can see through everything?"


King Crimson is a stand with great power and speed, but very low durability. It is the evolved form of Two Arm Doppio King Crimson.


LMB Stand Punch Normal stand punch. 10/hit 0.5 secs
E Potent Blow King Crimson strikes the enemy. 50DMG 5 secs
R Deadly Chop King Crimson chops the enemy. 40DMG 5 secs
T Epitaph The user predicts the future for 15 seconds, dodging all attacks except from Requiems and Over Heavens, but the user cannot attack when this move is active. The user's eyes turn red when using this. NO DMG 18 secs
Y Kick King Crimson kick the enemy, making them fly upwards. Good for combo starter. 45 DMG 5 secs
F Time Erase King Crimson erases time for 15 seconds, when used, you will be invisible to others and gain a speed boost, but you cannot attack. No DMG 30 secs
G Pose King Crimson strikes an amazing pose with the user No DMG 1 sec
H Heart Strike King Crimson punches a hole through the enemy's torso. 50 DMG 15 secs
V Erasure Shift King Crimson erases time and gives the user a boost 4 secs

Evolved Forms

King Crimson + Ender Pearl = Ender Crimson

Ender Crimson + Black requiem arrow = King Crimson Requiem(fixed)

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