A Modded Adventure Wiki

E: Barrage.

Does 10 Dmg Per Hit.

R. The First Bomb!.

Hit someone, and of you press R again, you'll blow them up, doesn't matter how far you are.

T. Sheer Heart Attack (The Second Bomb).

Spawn a Sheer Heart Attack, a moving bomb. Same as normal Sheer Heart Attack.(kicks you for exploits if you use it twice)

F. The Third Bomb! (Bites The Dust)

Once you press F, you put everyone in threat by placing a bomb on a player, Once you press F again, your character will do a animation and blows up a certain amount of player! (btw if you use this just know everyone will try to kill you)

Y. Killer Queen hidden ability,is to turn anything it touches into a bomb...anything...even a 100 yen coin, Killer Queen throws a coin and if it hits someone clicking R (The First Bomb!) will detonate it and deal damage to the enemy

Obtained by using Requiem Arrow on Killer Queen.

{This was made by TheNoobMachine200}

{and I,Yeezykage Kira,added more things)

[thabk u]

Someone posing with Killer Queen; Bite The Dusto. It's pose isn't a animation, just standing.