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Kars is a spec obtained via using a Vampire Mask on Vampire.


Q: Determination: haha funny undertale reference also it makes you stronger and faster and stuff idk

[incoherent laughing]

E: Kars Rapid Slash: Do a fast close-range barrage that does 4 damage per hit (5 with determination)

R: Superhuman Jab: Send somebody flying with this move, dealing 30 damage (37.5 with Q)

T: succ: Choke somebody's blood out. Deals 30 damage too (37.5 with Q)

F: Light Mode Dash: Become a BeyBlade for a bit. Does 55 damage (68.75 with Q)

H: Fabulous Pillar Man Kick: Kick somebody in the nuts. Does 35 Damage (43.75 with Q)

J: Light Slash: Bootleg Chara move, fire blades at your enemy. 25 damage each slash, determination also doesn't effect it.

V: Pillar Man Dash: F but no damage output and lower cooldown.

Z: Pillar Man Leap: just jump high I guess

G: AWAKEN MY BUSTAS: WHAMUU! Plays Awaken by Taku Iwasaki while posing.

This spec can be evolved with an Aja Mask to get Ultimate Life Form.