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Hyper Pot Platinum ( HPP ) can be obtained by using Hyper's Chaos Emerald on Green Platinum


Hyper Pot Platinum.png

It has the same body style as Pot Platinum, but the armor is neon blue and the body color is neon white; It has a hair which resembles Goku's Super Saiyan blue form and an neon pot.

Movesets/Abilities of Hyper Pot Platinum[]

This stand has only 1 passive

  • Timestop Movement ( Can move during any timestops)

Hyper Pot Platinum Movesets

LMB ( Normal Punch ) -- LMB means Left Mouse Button[]

The user of Hyper Pot Platinum will punch the enemy, dealing 55 damage to the enemy per hit

Z ( Stand Jump )[]

Both the user and Hyper Pot Platinum will stand jump, it has a extremely high stand jump and can travel moderate distances

E (Hyper Rush)

This move is dealing 9 damage.

(this move is infinite. But if other player

Hits knockback move, this move stops.)

R ( Hyper Punch )[]

The user of Hyper Pot Platinum will punch the enemy with a heavy blow, dealing 54 damage to the enemy and has a low knockback ( A knockback which travels the user or the enemy a short distance )

T ( Hyper Blast )[]

Hyper Pot Platinum will unleashed a huge blast when punching a enemy, dealing a superior amount of 176 damage to the enemy itself

Y ( Self Heal )[]

Hyper Pot Platinum will barrage the user, gaining 1.919 health per hit instead of dealing damage to the user itself. Note that this isn't Infinite, unlike the E move.

G ( Pose )[]

Both the user and Hyper Pot Platinum will perform the pose, which is the same pose as Golden Experience Requiem.

Plays "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWWfjK0v8eM" also known as "His World".

H (Ground Slam )

Hyper Pot Platinum will punch the ground, unleashing a huge force that launches nearby players up and deals 55 damage. This skill can be used twice in a row

F ( Time Stop )[]

Hyper Pot Platinum will time stop, freezing everyone in the server but except for those who have stands which have timestop movement , the time stop will last for around 15 seconds.

V ( Area Explosion / Hyper Power Purge )[]

Hyper Pot Platinum will unleashed a huge air bubble to the nearby enemies , dealing 86 damage to all enemies nearby the effect bubble.

C ( Roll )[]

the user will roll forward, and when they hit a dummy / player , they deal 29 damage in contact . While using this skill, a sonic roll sound can be heard and this roll can travel insanely fast.


use cone on HPP for cone platinum with 9/10 chance, or chill pot platinum, with 1/10 chance.

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