What is a Holy Corpse?[edit | edit source]

Holy Corpse is the item from the Steel Ball Run, it can be found anywhere in the map. Holy Corpse have a spawn rate of every 30 minutes and with a chance of 1/10

Also can be dropped by Funny Valentine if killed

The actual appearance of how Holy Corpse looks like Original Author of this picture : Unknown

What can it used to evolve?[edit | edit source]

In addition, only a few stands like Tusk can be evolved using the Holy Corpse, here is some stands you can used to evolve by using Holy Corpse.

  • D4C ( From Arrow ) + Holy Corpse = D4C Love Train
  • Tusk Act 1 ( From Spin, can be obtained from Gyro for 3K lers) + Holy Corpse = Tusk Act 2
  • Tusk Act 2 + Holy Corpse = Tusk Act 3
  • Tusk Act 3 + Holy Corpse = Tusk Act 4
  • Scary Monster ( From using Holy Corpse left eye on Standless )+ Holy Corpse = The World Alternate Universe

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Holy Corpse appears to be a neon yellow, shaped like some kind of arm ( Maybe )*

*This is just my opinion

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Original Author of this page: Unknown

References[edit | edit source]

About Holy Corpse : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dg0qPMxQKjU&t=65s ( Item Guide A Modded Adventure | A Modded Adventure | Roblox |)

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