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Hellish Diary is an obtainable item in AMA ( A Modded Adventure ) which has a spawntime of 35 minutes with a chance of 1/7 chance of spawning


look like mario diary........

Hellish Diary appears to have the same design as DIO's Diary ( Just like Bootleg's Diary and Pot's Diary ) , but the colour of the cover itself was replaced with red instead of brown. It also does not have DIO's name at the middle of the cover

What can it used for?[]

It can be used to evolve some stands, here are some stands that can be evolved using Hellish Diary

The World Under Hell[]

Use Hellish Diary on The World in order to get The World Under Hell, this is one of the stands that caE

Anubis Under Hell[]

Use Hellish Diary on Anubis to get Anubis Under Hell.

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