Grief Department:[edit | edit source]

What Do We Do Here?[edit | edit source]

We fix griefs in the entire wiki. I keep an eye on the edit history on the pages that were edited. We See, Edit, and Fix.

What is Grief?[edit | edit source]

"Grief" is a word for vandalism. It means, if someone edited a page to delete everything, ruin everything, types in the n word, and just says "fuck nerd sex".

Questions:[edit | edit source]

Q: Can I join?

A: Yes you can help fix the vandalism on each pages.

Q: Do you type every information to fix the vandalized pages?

A: Yes we provide full information's about the stand, items, or anything.

Q: Can you protect my pages so it wont be vandalized again?

A: Yes we will protect your pages.

More Description:[edit | edit source]

Every pages on this wiki will be added with full information[edit | edit source]

This page needs to be protected or it will get griefed.

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