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Golden Experience Requiem Over Heaven ( GEROH ) can be obtained by using DIO's Diary on Golden Experience Requiem

  • Golden Experience Requiem ( GER ) + DIO's Diary = Golden Experience Requiem Over Heaven

Movesets of GEROH[]

LMB ( Ascended Punch )[]

The user with GEROH will punch the enemy, making the enemy deal 22.5 damage per hit

E ( Ascended Muda Barrage ) - Hold E[]

The user with GEROH will throw multiple hits to the enemy ( Total hits : 80 ) in fast motion, dealing 16 damage to the enemy per punch. Since GE is in its Requiem form, the speed of the Barrage will become faster and faster overtime. While using this skill, the user with GEROH will almost be invincible ( Can't be harm ) during the barrage. In total, this skill deals a total of 1280 damage to the enemy

R ( Ascended Muda Strike )[]

The user with GEROH itself will punch the enemy with a heavy blow, dealing 48.54 damage to the enemy itself, also causing the enemy to knockback to the short distance. After using this skill, the enemy itself will dazed / unable to attack for a few seconds

T ( Ascended Overwrite )[]

The user with GEROH will use its fist to punch the enemy at a heavy blow , dealing 89.5 damage to the enemy. This skill cannot be blocked by any stands in addition

Y ( Ascended Life Restoration )[]

The user with GEROH will punch the enemy / allies , but instead of dealing damage, the enemy / allies will heal an great amount of health, it will gains them 50 health. This is very helpful as it can help your allies to fight longer, very good for 2 vs 2

V + Y ( Ascended Self Life Restoration )[]

GEROH will punch its user, making the user gain an amount of 29 health instead of dealing damage to the user itself

F ( Ascended Return to Zero )[]

When using this skill, both GEROH and its user will transit to its defensive stance for a few seconds, then unleashing an massive area of the effect bubble itself, dealing an superior amount of damage to the enemies / players nearby, also making everyone's willpower to be disabled for an amount of 8 seconds, meaning allowing the user with GEROH itself to free attack

H ( Self Return to Zero )[]

GEROH will unleashed a small aura to the user itself, giving the massive attack and speed boost making the user itself almost invincible from the enemies itself. Despite having such a great boost, GEROH will also punch the user itself when having the boost, dealing 0.75 damage to the user itself as its side effects , it depends on what kind of GER you used ( may deal more or less damage than this )

Z ( Stand Propulsion )[]

This skill is very similar to Hamon, but except it will travels further and higher than the Hamon's Stand Propulsion. For GEROH's Stand Propulsion , GEROH will use its own legs and blast the user and itself, causing both the user and GEROH to move forward

V + Cursor ( Teleport )[]

When using this skill, the stand itself ( GEROH ) will teleport to the player where your cursor goes, it could be anyone in the server but it can't teleport far studs.


Here is a closer look on how GEROH ( Golden Experience Requiem Over Heaven ) looks like

It has the same appearance as the normal GER ( Golden Experience Requiem ) . Its body colour is slightly a bit grey in colour while having the rest as neon yellow

Pros and Cons[]

Pros of GEROH : The stand is extremely overpowered because it has skills that deals superior amount of damage to the enemy itself, it also have a Passive unlike most of the stands in AMA. It also have side effects for the enemy in some skills for GEROH , like in move R ( Ascended Muda Strike ), it deals high damage of damage and yet having side effects to the enemy itself. Another thing that it is good, it is because that it is one of the most rarest stand in AMA itself, also known as the community's desires

( This stand is quite good not gonna lie, so my pros for this is actually quite long ) *

Cons of GEROH : GEROH does not have Timestop movement, so stands like CPP ( Chill Pot Platinum ) can attack while timestop is activated ( Unless GEROH uses Passive ). Another, con of GEROH is that when you use F move on a tusk act 4 if the tusk act 4 user barrages and you barrage them while the tusk act 4 user is in the F move you can die if this happens.

Fun fact[]

It was called Shiny Gold Experience Requiem in the Sandbox Mode itself while it was originally called Gold Experience Requiem Over Heaven

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