A Modded Adventure Wiki

How to get :

This is how GE looks like

Golden experience is a very rare stand to get from arrow (0.2 % chance)

Attacks :

Normal punch (left mouse button)

Deals : 7.5 damage

Barrage (e)

Deals : 3.5 damage

Strong punch (r)

Deals : 30 damage

Heal / self heal (y / y+v)

Heals : 37.5 health

Damage reflection (f)

Deflects all the damage very surprising i know right??

Beatdown (f) (you need to have 60 hp or less to use this)

Deals : 2.5 damage

Stats :

Destructive power : C

Speed : A

Durability : D

Health : 125

Evolutions :

Golden Experience + Bootleg's Diary = Meme Experience

Golden Experience + Requiemo Arrow = Golden Experience Requiem

Golden Experience Requiem+ Bootleg's Diary = Meme Experience Requiem.

Grief fixed epicly by Pendesaurus B) Also if any of the information is outdated then change it.