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Gay Platinum

  • Gay Platinum
  • man + man (10% chance of obtaining)


LMB: KKK Punch, Basically a normal puch but more Black hated. Deals 69 Damage

Keyboard button R: HoboGrab, Pot Platinum grabs the enemies ass dealing 5 continousAAA damage.

Keyboard button E: Fave, RERORERORERORERORERORERO but instead of damage its rape.

Keyboard button T: Butters, Deals 50 damage per hit W I D E cooldown if someone has lower then 50 they will to South park and have there selves a time.

Keyboard button R + Keyboard button F: B I G B O I, While grabbing the enemies balls, Gay Platinum WILL SEND THEM TO BRAZIL


f stops time for like an hour what the fuck this isnt balanced lgbtq stand

reviewing this person's crazy abomination.

Gay punch?

Testicle grab?

Nut licker?

8 inches to 1 inches shrink?

Testicle Crusher?

yo what the hell is this person doing