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Chill Pot Platinum[]

  • Chill Pot Platinum
  • Hyper pot platiunum+ Cone (~10%)


LMB punch: Deals 55 damage (pretty big for a regular punch)

Keyboard button R: Power Punch, Deals 54 damage with knockback and adds a rainbow effect it hits someone. (theres no cooldown basically)

Keyboard button E: barrage, Deals 55 damage per hit a barrage shield that will take away 70% of someones attack when you do a barrage.

Keyboard button T: Termination Attack, Deals 50 damage per s atty long cooldown if someone has lowean 50 health it will shrink their body into air.

the braindead platinum

Keyboard button F: Time stop, for 10 seconds making it so nobody except for you can walk in ts. (note that some stands can walk in ts)

Keyboard button G: great adventure music.

Keyboard button H: Fling, chill pot will hit the ground dealing damage but this is not working right now.

Keyboard button Z: Jump, ma jump pretty high

Keyboard button X: Block, this attack has no cooldown

Keyboard C: Roll, will roll you on the ground if you make contact with someone while doing this it will deal damage to them

Keyboard button V: Teleport you leaving a blue beam out for 1 cooldown second

can walk in ts and over very very op stand that looks cool so ye