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How to Obtain

Star Platinum : Over Heaven + POT's Diary

Full Craft

Standless + Arrow = Star Platinum (Uncommon)

Star Platinum + DIO's Diary = Star Platin um : Over Heaven

Star platinum : Over Heaven + POT's Diary = Galaxy Star Platinum : Over Heaven


Passive A: True Damage ~ Most attacks bypass most defensive abilities (Ex: Sans' dodge or D4C:LT's Love Train)

Passive B: Auto RtZ ~ Every 35 seconds, GSPOH will use it's aura to reset anyone's Will to Zero as long as they are within range.


E - Galaxy Barrage ~ The user and GSPOH have a small startup animation before doing a god-like barrage dealing a whopping 16 damage per hit for around 10 - 11 seconds.

R - Dimensional Heavy Punch ~ GSPOH Does a heavy punch with a small charge-up, dealing 45 damage and small knockback

T - Galaxy Overwriting Punch Punch ~ GSPOH charges up a VERY heavy punch, overwriting the opponent's reality dealing 75 damage. If someone dies to this, it will leave no trace of their body as they're eradicated from the Galaxy.

Y - Dimensional Healing Barrage ~ GSPOH does a barrage similar to E, but instead of damaging, GSPOH heals anyone hit for 1 damage per hit. This can heal up to 80 HP.

B+Y - Self Healing Barrage ~ GSPOH starts barraging the user, healing 1.1 HP every hit. this heals up to 45 HP

H - Galaxy Combo ~ GSPOH lunges forward to do a swift downward punch (kick more like) and then an uppercut, both hits dealing 55 damage (110 damage total)

F - Dimensional Time Stop ~ GSPOH and the user pause for a moment, only to Stop Time itself and only the user and anyone with a TS movement stand are allowed to continue moving. This allows you to rack up thousands of damage within the 12-13 seconds you have of stopped time. This can be cancelled by a GER or MER's Return to Zero.

G - Dimension Hop ~ GSPOH waves a flag and brings the user to another dimension, where you can freely do anything you'd please. You also have a speed boost. This lasts for 45 seconds before transporting you back to the main Dimension. (*Note, This move is broken as of 2/23/21, it will not transport you another dimension and will only give you the speed boost)

J - Auto RtZ Enable/Disable ~ Upon pressing this, you will enable/disable GSPOH's aura which will disable or enable Passive B.

galaxy spoh

V - "Good Grief, you're really trying to hit me!?" ~ GSPOH and the user do a pose. If hit during the duration of this pose, the user will teleport behind the attacker and ragdoll them. This is a good combo starter.