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Funny Valentine


Funny Valentine is a Boss that spawns inside the Forest Place, near the American Flag.

He spawns every 80 minutes and despawns after 2 minutes.


D4C Barrage: Barrages the enemy using his stand, D4C.

Slap and Push Combo: D4C slaps the opponent, before pushing them away.

Fabulous Dojyaaan Kick: D4C does a roundhouse kick, stunning and ragdolling anybody hit.

Love Train: Funny Valentine has a set time of activating this move. When used, he will become invincible, and anybody that attacks him will have the damage reflected. Funny Valentine can also attack while in this pocket dimension. Only Tusk Act 4 can attack during love train mode

Stands that can defeat Funny Valentine: The stands that are mentioned on the DIO page but love train mode isnt a big deal since you can wait love train mode to end.

When defeated, he drops a Holy Corpse and nothing else. For some reason, he always has D4C active, despite it only appearing later in SBR.