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Despite most of the stands, this stand is unobtainable. 10K Pot is basically a limited item only available in 10K visits on AMA ( A Modded Adventure ) itself, this item was public except for the stand itself. This stand is known as the tournament stand which legitimately only 1 person who owns this tournament stand, which is Z_epherium himself.


The player ( Z_epherium ) with Flushed King Crimson , which is the only person to obtain this stand in the game. Here is a closer look on how Flushed King Crimson looked like

Its appearance was the same as the normal King Crimson, except it has a flushed face on it and uses purple as its body colour instead of red


Despite being unobtainable, it basically had the same movesets as the normal kc ( King Crimson itself ) but buffed with increased damage instead of the normal kc ( King Crimson )

E - Flushed Blow ( Don't hold E )

Flushed King Crimson will throw its fist to the enemy instead of doing a barrage, dealing 50 damage to the enemy

R - Flushed Chop

Flushed King Crimson will chop the enemy, dealing 40 damage to the enemy itself, it also slows down its enemies

Y- Flushed Upwards Kick

Flushed King Crimson will kick the enemy, causing the enemy to be launched into the sky while dealing 45 damage, it can also stun the enemy for a few seconds after being launched.

H - Flushed Finishing Blow / Flushed Heavy Punch

Flushed King Crimson will throw its fist, in a heavy force, dealing 50 damage to the enemy ( The same damage for Flushed Blow, which is also 50 damage )

T - Flushitaph

When using this skill with Flushed King Crimson, you are able to dodge any attack from most of the stands, but some stands such as Gold Experience Requiem can bypass this effect despite using this skill. While using this skill, you are not be able to attack for a few seconds till the effect duration is finished

F - Flushed Time Skip

When using this skill, both the user and the stand itself ( Flushed King Crimson ) will go invisible for around 10 seconds. While using this skill, you can see through buildings, which makes finding items quite easier, also finding the secret item in the map too, but the stand GER ( Golden Experience Requiem ) are able to see the user and the stand itself. This skill also works like Flushitaph, meaning you can't attack anyone till the skill cooldown is finished

Weakness about this skill : People are able to see the flushed face when using this skill

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