"You're already dead."

Description[edit | edit source]

Fist of the Pot Star (shortened to FotPS) is a spec that is obtained by talking to a Menacing Dummy NPC with 1,000,000 lire. It's based off a dev-only spec that shares the same name in abd

Abilities[edit | edit source]


"Time Stop Movement"

  • As its name implies, the user can move in stopped time

"Superhuman Regeneration"

  • The user passively regenerates 10 HP every 5 seconds.

"Accelerated Speed"

  • The user has a faster walking speed.



"Basic Punch"

  • A punch that deals 10 damage.


"Pressure Point Barrage"

  • The user unleashes a barrage of strikes, dealing 4 damage per hit. This is a 1 minute long barrage


"Ripple-Infused Jab"

  • The user jabs forward, their hand being imbued with Hamon. Can deal damage ranging from 39 to 65 damage.


"Flying Kick"

  • The user jumps up into the air and lands down onto the ground with a kick, dealing 39 damage.


"Pot Step"

  • The user teleports a few studs in the direction they're facing, leaving an orange-tinted trail behind them as they do so.
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