A Modded Adventure Wiki

Obtainable by using Essence Of The Pot God on Fist Of The Pot Star


(E - Hold) - ATATATA Barrage: The user barrages and deals a massive amount of damage (25 DMG). As of now, there is a slight delay between when the opponent receives any damage (barrage lasts about 1 minute and 29 seconds (79 seconds)

(R) - ATA Punch : The user Punches in front of them and deals a great amount of damage and causes decent knockback.

(T) - Reality Overwrite: The user charges its right fist for a few seconds and strikes the opponent with a punch that deals only a good amount of damage (150 DMG). If any opponent hit by the move is under 160% HP, they will be instantly killed.

(F) - Time Stop: The user pauses and charges all their power then release the true power halting time and freezing players and projectiles in place (7 seconds time stop)

(C) - Teleport: The user teleports forward to where their avatar was facing with a little cooldown. Similar to that of King Crimson, but longer and has a shorter cool down.

Passive A - Heir Of Time : The user can freely move when time is stopped.[]

Passive B - Dimensional Vision: The user can see KC when they Time Erase[]

Passive C - Speed Of Light : The user has a heavily boosted walk speed.[]

Passive D - Minecraft Enchantment gets glitched to ∞ : The user is immune to most knockbacks.[]