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An Ender Pearl can be used to evolve King Crimson to Ender Crimson ( Its spawn rate is at 1800 Seconds ( 30 minutes ) and with a chance of 1 / 5 chance )

( 5x event is gone so uh yeah )



It is a round shaped orb with some cloudy mist around the orb itself, may look like a tadpole's egg itself It is used on Star platinum Requiem to Get Ender Star Platinum Requiem

It Can Also Be Used On King Crimson For Ender Crimson

Fun fact about Ender Pearl

The Ender Pearl itself is originated from a popular video game franchise called Minecraft, its functions were different compared to the one that is in A Modded Adventure

Original Creator : ???

Edited by xXLarvXx (Not free item event its 5x event rn)