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Ender Crimson is a obtainable stand.


E: Potent Blow: Ender Crimson punches the opponent, dealing 150 damage. (5 Seconds Cooldown)

R: Ender Chop: Ender Crimson chops the opponent, dealing 75 damage. Good if you are helping a Chara get low, but otherwise is weaker than Ender Crimson's other moves. (5 Seconds Cooldown)

T: Epitaph: A purple aura appears around the user, as the user's eyes become red. Gives invincibility for 5 seconds, but Requiem and Over Heaven stands ignore this move completely. (15 Seconds Cooldown)

Y: Fabulous Enderman Kick: Ender Crimson kicks the opponent up, dealing 105 damage. (5 Seconds Cooldown)

H: Potent Blow 2.0 : Ender Crimson punches the opponent and does 150 damage ( 10 Seconds Cooldown)

F: Ender Teleport: You become invisible, intangible to some objects, and gain faster walking speed for 10 seconds. In return, you also cannot attack (except C), and can still take damage. Pretty glitchy. Also leaves an afterimage for a bit.

Z: Stand Jump: Typical Stand Jump.

V: Teleport: Teleport in front of yourself. Leaves an afterimage, and doesn't do damage. ( 5 Seconds Cooldown)

G: Pose. Ender Crimson poses as https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0t1QXHT2SmE plays.


- It plays a song related to Minecraft

- All the quotes have the sound of Enderman talking



Look for the eye.

What's up?

Ender Crimson can evolve into King Crimson Requiem by using a Black Requiem Arrow.

i dont recommend it lol, its broken (not in a good way) and wont work

- Pitfloor (its not broken anymore King Crimson Requiem btw) -random guy



R + Y + E + V + H and some clicks or moves to finish off opponent (just to say you wont be able to repeat this exact same combo everytime because of the cooldown on h moves, but whatever, most stands/specs dont have a bigger healthpool than 400) HARD COMBO ( 480 Damage )

how to obtain


DoppiosKingCrimson+Frog=KingCrimsonHands (I think that’s was the name just tell me if I got it wrong)



(lol minecraft stand go brrrr) (you can use black req arrow on it its fixed now)