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Dummy were npcs that can't be interactable and does not have health, They are available near the spawn. There is currently two types of dummies that you can find in the map ( Dummy / Enchanted Dummy )

Dummy can be used for practicing combat and combos in order to improve on your tactics or it can be used to test out new stands. Dummy have another name called testing npcs

Normal Dummy[]

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A Normal Dummy which you can find near spawn. They are not interactable and does not lose health. They are currently 4 Normal Dummies that can be found near the fountains

( G.I.F originated from Star Platinum Requiem )


Enchanted Dummy ( Below the Normal Dummy )[]

Unlike the normal dummy, Enchanted Dummy takes more time to receive damage and yet can block some of your stand's damage ( It depends what stand you have )

Just like the normal dummy, it is not interactable and yet does not lose any damage

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