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- Doppio Part 5 Golden Wind.

How To Obtain:

Two Arm Doppio King Crimson is obtained by using a Frog on One Arm Doppio King Crimson.


Two Arm Doppio King Crimson can be evolved by using a Frog which makes King Crimson (99/100 chance)

Doppio Posing Menacingly (it is broken at the moment)

Or will make King Crimson Alternative Universe (1/100 chance)

Moveset 1:

2 Arm Doppio King Crimson

E: Gut Punch

Does 50 Damage Minor Knockback. (3 second cooldown 1 second start up)

R: Chop

Does a Chop to the arm does 50 damage (3 second cooldown 0.75 second start up)

F: Epitaph

The user goes in a state where they cant be hit but you can't attack. Stands like Gold Experience Requiem and The World Over Heaven can still hit you in this state. The state lasts 5 seconds can be precanceled if F is pressed again.

H: Transform

The User sits to the ground and transforms which changes the moveset. (no cooldown can only be used once 3 second startup)

Moveset 2:

While transformed this is your moveset

E: Barrage

Does 5 Damage per hit (6 seconds long 6 hits a second) 180 damage if all hits are hit.

R: Scalpel Throw

Throws 5 Scalpels each doing 25 damage. (1 second cooldown)

T: Ground Slam

A ground slam that pulls the enemy to you. 50 damage (10 second cooldown, 1.5 second startup)