[LEFT CLICK] Diver punch:[edit | edit source]

Diver Down

Diver Down does a normal punch, does 10 damage.

[E] ¿? (Bug):[edit | edit source]

Its a bugged attack and kicks you out of the game *It used to be a barrage but i dont know if the owner will fix this bug*

[R] Normal kick:[edit | edit source]

A normal kick, does 35 damage.

[Y] Revolver shot:[edit | edit source]

The Diver Down user shoots 5 revolver bullets, he can spam them very easily, he has a 10 second cooldown.

[F + CURSOR] ...I'm inside of you... (Bug):[edit | edit source]

When you put your cursor on any player or bot and press F, Diver Down dissapears. (Currently this attack is bugged, since only the heartbeat of its enemy is heard, because it does not receive any damage).

H:[edit | edit source]

Your stand dives into an enemy, when inside, your stand slashes at them and then barrages them, eventually killing them. (This is hard to hit).

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