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Diver Down is a stand that can be obtained by a Stand Arrow, it is rare it is a A tier in the value list.

Diver Down Posing Menacingly

Diver Down Standing With User


Click: Punch

10 damage that is it.

E: Barrage

A 5 second barrage that does 9 damage a hit about 5 hits a second. 3 second cooldown.

R: Kick

Does a kick that does 35 damage and has a 1 second start up. 5 second cooldown,

Y: Revolver Burst Fire

A small fast projectile that does 50 damage can shoot 5 times then have to wait a cooldown to reload. (3 seconds to reload no animation)

F: Power Release

Drains power around the person who you put your cursor on (glitched atm so i dont know damage)

H: Body Invade

Does 12 Damage then 12 Damage then 12 Damage then 68 Damage.

Z: Glide

A fast glide does 2 damage if you run into someone. Lasts 5 seconds 15 second cooldown.


go put combos i know none