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Dark Dominus is a Decent stand in the D tier (someone verify that) of the rarity tier list.

How To Obtain:[]

Dark Dominus Idle

Dark Dominus Posing Menacingly

Dark Dominus's After Frame Effect

Use a Dark Infused Dominus (30 minutes with a 1/75 spawnrate) on Standless.


Timestop Movement:[]

Can move in stopped time.


E: Dark Infused Barrage[]

Dark Dominus uses darkness to make his barrage

R: Dark Overwrite[]

A Banish that does 87.5 damage with a long start up.

T: Dark Barrier[]

Similar to Hierophant Green's Emerald Barrier 15 Damage per barrier part thing.

Y: Dark Grab[]

Grabs the enemy and does 75 damage good for throwing or dragging them into your Dark Barrier.


Stops Time for 5 seconds.

V: Dark Teleport[]

Teleports in a 5 stud radius to your cursor (short range)

X: Block[]

Blocks 400% of the damage you take (damage eg: 20 Damage ÷ 4 Blocking = 5 Damage.

Z: Stand Jump[]

A normal stand jump.