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This page is the updated version because of the map revamp, which gives changes to the whole map even this area - HRufxen

DIO's Grave is an area where the item, called the Trowel can be use. Around that area, it has some sand patches on the terrain which cam give you different types of items. For example, Banknote and DIO's Diary

How does it looked like[]

Due to its revamp which was released today, i will be showing the old version and the new version of the area

Old Version of DIO's Grave

Here is a closer look on how DIO's Graveyard looked like


It appears to be a desert with palm trees and the waterfall, it has DIO's Grave between the trees and near the waterfall. It also has some sand patches, which can be used to get items by using a Trowel. Terrain of this area will change depend on the season ( eg. Christmas )

New Version of DIO's Grave ( There are no pictures for it yet )


The area seems to become larger than the old version of DIO's Grave. Instead, sand patches will be replaced with soil patches and the terrain itself changes into a grass terrain, DIO's Grave was placed at the end of the pathway and they replaced the waterfall to the Sewer waterfall, which was placed at the end of the DIO's Graveyard. They also removed the fences and turned into a open area

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