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DIO's Diary can be acquired VIA killing the DIO boss ( A type of NPC's Boss ) , using a trowel and digging up DIO's area. (It has a spawn rate of 15 minutes, with a chances of 1/15)*

The third section below ( Uses ) can tell you what stand you can get by using DIO's Diary on i\

It can also be sell to POOF ( Black Market ) with an amount of 50K.

  • Poof is an NPC with a Noob head and a Black Tuxedo. ( In case you don't know who is POOF )

Appearance[edit | edit source]

It was a dark brown book with a " DIO " on the middle. Thus it also has a few yellow lines and shapes ( Rectangle ) on the front side of the book itself.

Uses:[edit | edit source]

There are some stands that can be evolved when using DIO's Diary ( Below )

Use on Star Platinum to get Star Platinum (Over Heaven).

Use on The World/Retro The World to get The World Over Heaven.

Use on Whitesnake to get C-Moon.

Use on C-Moon to get Made in Heaven/Made in Hallows Eve.

Use on Shadow Pot Platinum to get Green Platinum.

Use on Crazy Diamond to get Craziest Diamond.

Use On to Star Platinum: Heritage For The Future get Star Platinum Heritage For The Future: Over Heaven.

Use on Anubis to get Anubis Over Heaven.

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