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DIO is the first boss to be added which spawns near DIO's coffin in the desert area, near where you can dig with the trowel.

DIO spawns near every hour, so get ready for that next hour mark.

His health is 4,150 and has drops that are: Camera, Vampire Mask, Knife or DIO's Diary.

DIO isn't that easy to kill but isn't too hard, he's sort of a medium.

Killing DIO is much easier with a friend or with a stand like Zero Two, which does around 20 with a barrage move, or Hyper Pot Platinum and Fist Of The Pot God or anything like that which has infinite barrage and can timestop and barrage DIO (Notice: You cannot stop time on DIO as he can move during Time stop).

DIO cannot regenerate, so I suggest trying to go in and stopping to heal at around 50 health, if you cannot heal however I suggest letting a player / friend help you heal.

If you happen to die, I suggest using teleport, if you have GT Frisk which can teleport madly, or just launch or roll.

DIO does despawn, after 2 minutes of not being beaten, so I suggest trying to speed up the process by using your best barrage stand.

DIO is able to use his stand to barrage players (25 damage per punch) as well as stop time ( 5 second duration) Heavy punch (idk the damage) and

throw knives (100 damage per knife from what i've seen)

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