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D4C is a stand obtained by using an arrow on Standless. It has 1 evolution.

Null is D4C

Because holy corpse can be used on him and become D4C: Love Train


E: Dojyaaan Barrage

D4C barrages the opponent with 40 consecutive punches, dealing 10 damage per hit.

R: Dojyaaan Combo:

D4C slaps the opponent 2 times, each slap doing 2 damage, before pushing the enemy away to do 75 damage. Does 100 damage if all hits connect. The move is a stronger version of Funny Valentine's Slap & Push Combo.


The user pulls out a revolver, before shooting it. If the bullet hits, it will do 50 damage. Very spammable, but hard to hit.

Y: Fabulous Dojyaaan Kick:

D4C kicks the opponent, stunning and ragdolling them in the same way Funny Valentien does. Will do 65 damage, pretty impressive.

F: Dimension Hop:

D4C pulls out an American Flag and lays it down, as nearby players are teleported to the D4C Dimension (AKA old map). Then, the user will go into the universe himself, gaining a speed boost and a damage boost for 25 seconds. All people inside will teleport out after 40 seconds. (Currently broken) == B: Clone Summon: D4C lays down an American Flag once again, but this time it will summon a clone of the stand user. You can hold B to summon up to 3 clones. Each clone has 200 health points and will do 20 damage with a normal punch, and 25 damage with a strong punch. They are unable to use D4C, and despawn after 40 seconds.

V: Clone Swap:

Only usable when a Clone is out. When used, the player will teleport to the nearest clone. As of August 19th 2020, it is broken.

When the player uses a Holy Corpse on D4C, they will get D4C: Love Train. This keeps the original moveset, but adds a move itself.

J: Love Train:

D4C activates Love Train, putting itself and the user into a pocket dimension and redirecting any harm or misfortune. All damage done to D4C (Except Tusk Act 4, Killer Queen/Bites the Dust bomb moves for some reason, Over Heaven moves, and Silver Chariot Requiem, which bypass it) will be reflected to the attacker.

All that I can say is that most of the time you find his Love Train form in-game...when you actually see him. Not very common to find, but also not that rare.