crazy diamond req

Crazy Diamond Requiem can be obtained by using requiem arrow on Crazy Diamond.


E=DORA-DORA barrage: CDR makes a barrage that deals 12 damage per hit;

R=Heavy punch: CDR makes a heavy punch that deals 90 damage and knocks the opponent backwards a little bit;

T=Rock shot: This move shoots a rock, i don’t know how much damage it deals but it does do some

crazy diamond req with aura

Y= Bogie heavy punch: It's like heavy punch but it brings the opponent back to you(this move cannot be used while in healing aura);

F=Healing aura: Every attack now heals;

F+E=Healing barrage: CDR makes a barrage that heals 9 damage for every punch(cannot heal yourself);

F+R=Healing heavy punch: CDR makes a heavy punch that heals 50 damage;

F+T=Glass Shard: Crazy Diamond Requiem holds a glass shard in their hand with the blood of their enemy on it, with its restoration mode it fires the now controllable glass shard away to chase its opponent dealing good damage on impact.

F+Y=Wall: It creates an unbreakable wall.

F+H=Healing beam a punch that will heal people around you '


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