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crazy diamond

This is the move set for the stand crazy diamond that i could find by button mashing in game

E- Barrage: this barrage does 5 damage per punch and does not last for very long

R- Heavy punch: this punch does 35 damage and has a slow startup

crazy diamond with healing on (press f)

Y- Heavy punch 2 electric boogaloo: this punch is like the heavy punch as seen above but deals 30 damage and brings the enemy back to you (this move can be used in healing aura)

T- Bearing shot: this attack does no damage when I tested it

F- Healing aura when using this move all of your attack besides T does no damage to the other player it instead heals them

F+Y- This move creates a wall that blocks enemy projectiles

F+E- Healing barrage: Isn't it obvious?

F+T- glass shard: This move is like bearing shot but you control where it goes by moving your character

C- roll a normal roll most stands/specs can do

Use a Requiem Arrow in order to get CDR, Crazy Diamond Requiem. Use DIO's diary to get CDOH Crazy Diamond Over Heaven Use Duality Orb to get Crazy Diamond AU

(Droppin shit back)