Passive A- sticks to your body while idle, i think this is a passive

Crazy Diamond Over Heaven (CDOH)

E- Over heaven barrage does 6.98 damage per hit and lasts 6.58 seconds

R- Heavy punch does 39 damage and throws the enemy a bit high in the sky

T- Throws about 9 pellets

Y- creates a wall that can block some projectiles

Z- stand jump brings you as far as a normal stand jump

C- does a roll most stands/specs can do

F- healing aura does no damage and has no cooldown

F+T- makes you able to control the nine pellets

F+E bruh its a heal barrage

F+R same as F+E but its only 1 hit

Pose music is

(just kidding heres the actual link and fr it is not a rick roll

(i know you dont trust me if i send a link but just LITERALLY click it's the actual pose music,

Obtainable by using DIO's Diary on Crazy Diamond

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