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Cone Platinum Posing Menacingly

Cone Platinum is a good stand. If you’re fighting bosses, not so much. It has decent health (300) and a medium sized amount of moves it can use. Making it not bad.

Click - Normal punch for 55 damage, No knock back.

E - Cone Barrage ( Not Infinite Time). Doing 9.25 damage each hit, make it a very formidable opponent.

R - Cone Smash, hit the opponent for 55 damage with reasonable knock back. Also it have 0.5 - 1 second cooldown (Like Green Platinum).

T - Banish, Cone Platinum charges up a powerful blow dealing 200-250 damage, also plays a cool death animation if the opponent is killed in the blow.

Y - Self-Healing, barrages the user healing 1.9 health each hit for 6 seconds.

F - Time Stop, Cone Platinum and the user charge up and release a 9 second time stop, more than enough time to kill your opponent.Press F when other people's time is paused to release other people's time pause.

H - Ground Slam, hitting the ground twice making you launch others and dummies up into the air dealing 55 damage each slam, coming out to be a total of 110 damage.

Z - Stand Jump, an extremely powerful stand jump that can launch you all the way across the map.

X - Block, blocks most of incoming damage.

C - Cone Teleport, teleports you to your curser, terrible range.

V - Atomic Blast, a huge blue orb expands around you, dealing 86 damage to any unlucky fellow you gets caught inside.

G - Pose, Stalk Your Mom.

How To Obtain:

Standless + Reborn Arrow = SPP

SPP + Dio's Diary = GP

GP + Hyper's Chaos Emerald = HPP

HPP + Cone = CP (10% to get CPP)