Chill Pot Platinum, also known as CPP like short form is a obtainable stand in A Modded Adventure itself

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How to get it ( Full Summary )[edit | edit source]

  1. To get Chill Pot Platinum ( CPP for short ) , you need to use Reborn Arrow on standless, which gives you Shadow Pot Platinum
  2. Use a DIO's Diary on Shadow Pot Platinum, this gives you Green Platinum
  3. Then use a Hyper's Chaos Emerald on Green Platinum, this gives you Hyper Pot Platinum
  4. Use a cone on Hyper Pot Platinum, be aware that you can either get Cone Platinum or Chill Pot Platinum. If you get Cone Platinum and you wanted a Chill Pot Platinum instead, you will have to do the steps all over again, which is troublesome

Here is the rarity for both CP ( Cone Platinum ) and CPP ( Chill Pot Platinum )

  • Cone Platinum ( CP ) [ 9 out of 10 chance on getting this stand when using Cone ]
  • Chill Pot Platinum ( CPP )[ 1 out of 10 chance on getting this stand when using Cone

Appearance[edit | edit source]

This is a closer look on how Chill Pot Platinum ( CPP ) looked like

Its design is the same as Pot Platinum, but except the face was replaced with the Chill face, it added horns to the pot itself, and added a large RBG cape on it with a few RGB strips above the cape

The stand seems to have mostly RBG details like on the horns and the design of the armor, most of it was covered in black but while the rest was filled with RBG, meaning that it will change colour every time and it is continuous

Movesets of CPP ( Chill Pot Platinum )[edit | edit source]

Passive on this stand

  • Timestop Movement ( Stands like CPP and Zero Two will have an ability to move when in timestop by any stand )
  • Infinite Rotation ( Have an ability to enchanced dummies and specs like Sans without being negated )

CPP ( Chill Pot Platinum ) stats

  • Destructive Power : chill
  • Speed : chill
  • Durability : chill


G - Menacing Pose[edit | edit source]

Both the user and the stand itself will strike a pose, the pose itself is the same pose as Golden Experience Requiem and the music of the song when played is this. Like the Golden Experience Requiem pose the pose will levitate the user and the stand ( The link is beside this : [ "His World]"

E - Chill Barrage[edit | edit source]

Chill Pot Platinum will throw multiple punches to the enemy in fast motion, dealing 11 damage per hit to the enemy and it lasted for around 14 to 17 seconds. When using this skill, you will get Super Armor which means that you will not deal any damage while using this skill

  • Have a 3 second cooldown

R - Chill Strong Punch[edit | edit source]

Chill Pot Platinum will punch the enemy with heavy force, dealing 54 damage to the enemy

  • It is a spammable skill as it has no cooldown

T - Reality Overwrite[edit | edit source]

Chill Pot Platinum will do a healing animation on the enemy, but it does not heal them, instead deals damage to the enemy itself. If the enemy is at very low health and you used this skill, there will be a special death animation to the enemy as the enemy will disappear or vaporize

  • It has a cooldown of 1 minute ( 60 seconds )

F - Time Stop[edit | edit source]

Both the user and the stand ( Chill Pot Platinum ) will do the timestop animation. The timestop will lasted for around 10-11 seconds

  • It has either 1 or 2 seconds cooldown for this skill

H - Low Gravity[edit | edit source]

This will make Stand Jump ( Z ) for Chill Pot Platinum to jump even higher than the original stand jump of Chill Pot Platinum, so high that you can even land on a building

  • It has a 2 second cooldown

C- Roll[edit | edit source]

Unlike other stand, this stand roll is different than the rest. It was a spin dash just like Sonic and moves forward at a high speed. The enemy will deal 29 damage if with contact with the user and the stand ( Chill Pot Platinum ) roll itself

  • This skill have a 3-5 second cooldown

V + Cursor - Teleportation[edit | edit source]

When using this skill, both the stand and the user will teleport a few studs where your cursor goes

  • This skill is spammable as it has no cooldown
  • You can use this skill while posing ( G ), which is pretty go for escaping people while posing
  • This skill does not always worked as the developers are patching this bug for the next update of AMA ( A Modded Adventure )

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