A Modded Adventure Wiki

Chara Is a Spec that is obtained with Knife + Standless. Has 250 Health

Evolutions : Glitchtale Frisk [Chara + Heart] XChara [Chara + Empty heart]

What heart is it?

ClickMoveset :

A 360° Hitbox if you're close, 25 Damage Per Hit [AOE]

E - Determination Slash

Chara slashes twice, each that damages 25 - 30 per hit. (can kill a Kars ULF if both slashes hit. Pretty pog ain't it?

R - Blood Drain

Chara grabs your opponent and drains their blood that heals you 30 Health, Does 30 Damage [Can be doubled if timed] and throws them dealing 90 damage.

Can be used on multiple players / npcs.

P - Pose

Chara sits and play Stronger Than You [Chara Version].

G - Giga Determination Slash

Chara leaps towards their opponent and slashes them, damaging them for 45.

REMINDER : This move is not for long range

C - Roll

A normal roll

V - Reset [Teleport]

You will reset where your previously where . [Can't be used that far] Spammable for whatever reason.

F - Determination Blast


Chara slams the ground with their foot with a huge AOE, Damaging of 50 per enemy.


Chara stabs themself with their knife [invincible for amount of time during cutscene cause poggers]. You need to be 50 - 30 health or bellow to use this. This buffs your moves damage for 2x of their original damage.