In Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, some people will have ability called the Stand, which represents their fighting spirits. Each stand comes with different appearances and their own unique skills. However some of the stand users will not be able to manifest a stand if they don't have a strong vessel to maintain their own stand. But guess what, not in this game ( A Modded Adventure )

In A Modded Adventure, you can get stands by using arrows while you are standless while you can use rokakaka fruit if you want to discard the stand you dislike. Some stands can evolve by using items that are compatible with you. For example, you can't use a camera on Star Platinum as the camera is not compatible to evolve with Star Platinum itself. Once stands evolved, they became much stronger and withstand more damage. However, some stands like Hierophant green can't be evolved as the stand itself did not have a strong vessel to maintain their own stand itself.

Guess what, unlike Jojo's Bizarre Adventure itself, AMA ( A Modded Adventure ) has lots of custom stands from references like anime, video games like Sonic and Mario. Stands like Zero Two and even bootleg version of stands like Made in China really exist, not kidding.

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