A Modded Adventure Wiki


C-Moon can be obtained by using Dio's Diary on Whitesnake.

Whitesnake can be obtained by an arrow.(hard to get so goodluck)

Move List

E: 5 second barrage dealing 15 dmg per hit.

R: Barrage finisher: strong punch that makes the enemy go really far away dealing 35 dmg after it deal more 35 dmg

T: Gravity boost: 10 second speed and jump boost.

F: Gravity force, launches enemy in air and deals 75 dmg.


H: 3 km Surface inversion punch: launches enemy in air and deals 50 dmg. There is also a 10 second speed boost for the user and zero gravity for all the server.

J: Heart inversion punch: While h press j on an enemy these deals 18 dmg then 75.

Z: Stand jump: simple stand jump with less gravity.

C: Backwards launch.

V: Dash.

B: prime number counting: a counter if the enemy hits you, you appear behind him dealing 75 dmg and stunning them. (overheaven stands, requiems and tusk act 4 bypass this)

N: Voice lines such as "In the name of god, I will smite you!" , "It appears my ability... has been completed!".