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Bootleg Silver Chariot Requiem Is a weaker and less practical version of chariot requiem, it's purple coloured Silver Chariot Requiem and has better walkspeed than it, there is also a flushed emoji on it's face, Bootleg SCR can be obtained by using a Bootleg diary on Star Platinum



"Barely Felt it" - you take half damage from most attacks

TS movement - you can move in the world of stopped time for an infinite ammount of time

Regeneration - you regenerate health

Q - Power Surge

BSCR charges up and releases a green dome of energy that deals 25 damage and knocks enemies back

E - "Im part Star Platinum"

BSCR barrage it's target dealing 5 damage per punch

R - Requiem Strike

BSCR charges it's right fist then strikes the enemy dealing (idk the ammount) damage

F - "Thats right!, i stole the joestar technique"

BSCR charges up and releases a pitch black dome that boosts it's walkspeed by alot

P - "I dont have a user"

practically M/GER/OH's pose

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