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bootleg diary can be found in the map. it has a spawnrate of 1 hour 1/60 or 1/70 making it very rare.


some bootleg diary[]


Here is how Bootleg's Diary looks like

Bootleg Diary shitty diary appears to have the same design as DIO's Diary, but the cover itself was in bright pink color while the design itself was in light pink color

What can it be used?[]

Bootleg Diary SUCKS BRO, can be used to evolve stands. Here is some stands that you can evolve by using this item

Made in Korea[]

Bootleg's Diary SUCKS BRO c an be used on Made in Heaven to evolve into Made in Korea ( Made inCHINA + Bootleg's Diary = Made in CHINA)

Meme Experience[]

Bootleg's Diary can be used on Golden Experience to evolve into Meme Experience ( Golden Experience + Bootleg's Diary = Meme Experience )

Bootleg Silver Chariot Requiem[]

Bootleg's Diary can be used on Star Platinum to evolve into Bootleg Silver Chariot ( Star Platinum + Bootleg's Diary = Bootleg Silver Chariot Requiem, this evolution of this stand looks confusing and weird

King Ballsack

Bootleg's Diary can be used on King Crimson to evolve in King BootLe (The World + Bootleg's Diary = King BootLeg)

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