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Salokinz9001 Salokinz9001 13 May 2021

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Scrambled2390 Scrambled2390 31 March 2021

Spec Idea: Zombie, Conehead ombie and Buckethead Zombie

These specs are references to a classic tower defense game, Plants VS Zombies. They are obtained by using a cone while standless.

85% chance of getting Zombie

10% chance of getting Conehead Zombie

5% chance of getting Buckethead Zombie

Their movesets are the same, but conehead zombie has more HP than Zombie and Buckethead Zombie has more HP than Conehead Zombie.

Since Buckethead Zombie is the rarest, it will obviously have the most value.

The Passive:

Passive One: Brains

You have a BRAINS meter. You fill it up by killing other players. When it is full you have heavily increased walkspeed and damage.

The Moveset:

LMB: Infected Punch

You perform a basic punch dealing small damage.

E: Brain Eat

You eat the brains of the victim! This reverses their movemen…

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Runaway123defcom Runaway123defcom 10 March 2021

im not a moderator yet i fixed up so many pages

the mods need to be active much more often, the vandalism is extremely rapid, WAKE UP

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Wildcatr12 Wildcatr12 17 December 2020


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HRufxen HRufxen 17 December 2020

What do you think about the Free Items Update

What do you feel about the recent update in AMA ( A Modded Adventure )

Like a few weeks ago, " petgod101 " ( The creator of A Modded Adventure ) has released a update of free items. I personally think that it is the best updates that they ever release to the game itself

This makes the game much easier for players and even new players so they could experience each stands easier other than finding items for it

Now in the game , everyone became extremely op ( overpowered ) because of the update XD

I really like the update, but is it because it is a type of christmas update that was added into a game?

Lemme know in the comments below?

Epic Blog written by HRufxen

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