''I can't even lay a finger on him..''[edit | edit source]

Hamon or called, ''The Ripple'' is an martial art technique speciallized with breathing, It also works by good blood circulation and styles of breathing. There is many types of the Ripple aswell, It appears to be based off of a martial arts called Sendo.

Evolution Forms Basic Hamon has no upgrades to itself, it is only obtainable by buying it from the shop for 2000000000000 dollars which is equal to 40000000-50000000 banknotes.[edit | edit source]

Moveset[edit | edit source]

LMB - Shrek's toilet | Deals 10 damage.[edit | edit source]

Q - Moan fart |9 second cooldown, 32.5 Damage, good for starting combos.[edit | edit source]

E - silent but deadly | 9.2 second cooldown, Unknown damage, good for ending your foes.[edit | edit source]

R - Taco Bell po-op | 11 second cooldown, Lights up your booty Chex on fire, dealing inf damage.[edit | edit source]

T - super explosive fart | 9 second cooldown, Deals a good 30 damage, a good range ASSwell.[edit | edit source]

F - tyrone sword | 17 second cooldown, Deals a gat of damage in the hood damage of 100000000000.[edit | edit source]

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