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''My heart is burning with the heat of a raging fire..''[]

Hamon or called, ''The Ripple'' is an martial art technique specialized with breathing, It also works by good blood circulation and styles of breathing. There is many types of the Ripple as well, It appears to be based off of a martial arts called Sendo.

Evolution Forms Basic Hamon has no upgrades to itself, it is only obtainable by buying it from the shop for 2000 dollars.[]


LMB - Click | Deals 2 damage.[]

Q - Hamon Punch |3 second cooldown, 10 Damage, good for starting combos.[]

E - Hamon Barrage | 6.9 second cooldown, does 20 () damage good for ending your foes.[]

R - Hamon Fire Punch | 11 second cooldown, dealing 50 damage.[]

T - Dislocated Joint Ripple Punch | 20 second cooldown, Deals a good 50damage, a good range as well.[]

F - Pluck Sword | 10 second cooldown, Deals a massive 20 damage.[]