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Arrow is REALLY COMMON In the game + you have it your inventory at the bottom

Description: Arrow gives stands whether or not rare or common.

Hierophant Green: common (no just no)

sp ova: boohoo Really COMMON

Doppio king crimson: common (evolve it might be good?)

Anubis: much uncommon

Sptw: Uncommon or common

The world : Uncommon

killer queen: uncommon or common

crazy diamond: uncommon

D4c: uncommon (its null bc bug use holy corpse arm to evolve it)

Sp= uncommon

Purple haze= Rare but not really rare

Soft and wet: uncommon

the hand: rare

GOLD EXPERIENCE : 0.07% or 0.01%? yeah i really dont know

White snake: meh rare 5%

Silver chariot: Extremely really rare 0.2%

Emperor 00.1%


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