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Anubis Over Heaven Posing Menacingly

Anubis Over Heaven In Hand

"Anubis is the strongest stand but it can be better and this is it."

- The Master Of The Sword

How To Obtain:[]

Use Dio's Diary on Anubis.


Click: Heavenly Slash[]

A slash that does 37.5 damage has a big hitbox very overpowered

E: Heavenly Stab[]

Stabs the enemy and does 62.5 damage and moves the enemy to where the sword is good for combos

R: Heavenly Lowercut[]

A slash that does 75 damage good for ending combos

F: Godly Slash Over Heaven Requiem Act 4: The World Stone Ocean OVA[]

Does 93.75 good hitting Heavenly Lowercut


E,F,C,R (Easy)

F,M1,M1,R,E That combo only works if enemy gets knocked down by f (Medium)