anubis over heaven

Anubis Over Heaven is obtainable by using DIO's Diary on Anubis,and to obtain Anubis you must use arrow on standless. For the sole purpose of documentation, here are the moves. I finished this page on the 3rd of April in 2021. If you have anything to say, please say so in the comments. -ReMix_06

Q-summon Anubis Over Heaven.

Left click- A generic punch with a larger hit box. Deals 37.5 damage.

R- A forward slash,hit box is linear. Not too much knockback. Deals 75 damage.

E- A stabbing move, drags the opponent along with you. Deals 62.5 damage.

F- A sweeping slash with AoE. Deals 93.75 damage,and knocksback opponents at an upward angle.

X- Block. Reduces damage by idk how much.

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