A Modded Adventure Wiki

"Anubis is the strongest stand, DIE!"

- Chaka Stardust Crusaders

How To Obtain:

Use a Stand Arrow to obtain Anubis with a very common chance.


Click: Slash

Anubis Posing Menacing

A slash that does 15 damage has a big hitbox very overpowered

E: Stab

Stabs the enemy and does 25 damage and moves the enemy to where the sword is good for combos

R: Chop

A slash that does 30 damage good for ending combos

Anubis Being Held In Hand

F: Stomach Slash

Does 37.5 good hitting Chop


E,F,C,R (Easy)

F,M1,M1,R,E That combo only works if enemy gets knocked down by f (Medium)

Tips For Anubis's:

If they get stuck on the ground use a ton of m1s if they are about to get up use f or r then if they stuck keep looping this for a dumb 1 shot combo that everyone hates but its good ngl.


Use Dio's Diary on Anubis for Anubis Over Heaven (literal just makes it do more damage and it is 1000000x more menacing)