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A Modded Adventure will have a map revamp, meaning that we will have a new map once it was finished. It was also heard that the developers in the game itself will revamp some stands too. It also means that this might have a chance that we will have a ( data reset) *

" What's a Data Reset "[]

It means removal of everyone's stands and items despite having it on bank, meaning that everyone's data in the game will automatically be deleted once the map and stands were finished revamped or for other circumstances

Koolingman1B says that we will all have a data reset, means no stands and items despite having it in bank. I agreed though because before the map revamp, the title of the game says that " Data Reset soon! " , so we will have a data reset once the map revamp is finished. RIP to everyone's stands in the game.

For proof it said in the discord server that they changed everyone's data so it is possibly a data reset

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