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10K Pot is an unobtainable item that was used to be available only in an limited time event in AMA ( A Modded Adventure ) when the game reaches 10K visits

10K Pot has a spawntime of 5000 seconds ( More than an hour ) with a chance of 1/50 ( Keep in mind that this item is unobtainable )

Appearance of the 10K Pot


10K Pot appears to be in the same item as the hat of Pot Platinum but it is green-coloured


10K Pot can be used to evolve True Pot Platinum ( Obtainable ) to 10K Pot Platinum ( Unobtainable )

This is a closer look on evolving True Pot Platinum using Pot Platinum

Here is how it will look like when evolve by using 10K Pot

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